A Little Bit About Us


So the time has come to introduce myself and let you all know who is behind Raines Nursery & the reason I started my online boutique!!

Hi! I'm Emma, and the mini me, is Ivy-Raine :)  Now the business name makes sense? I started 3 years ago, when I had my little boy William, and decided to start making wooden letters and name blocks on Etsy. If you scroll through my profile you will see the start of Raines Nursery and where thing started a little unpolished As time went on, i grew my followers, and improved my products so people could trust and rely on me when placing an order.

After some amazing feedback (thank you to all people that reviewed me) I decided the time was right to grow things and 'dare to be brave'. Then came along Ivy-Raine..... this set me back on the bigger plan, but even while recovering from her birth, i still continued to paint and fulfill orders. I didn't want to let you down!!
Now Ivy is 1 and William is at Nursery, i knew it was now or never. It's time to take a leap of faith and develop Raines Nursery into something different and fun for people to shop at. Bringing you a selection of Gifts, Nursery decor and amazing toys. Now dont get me wrong, it's been hard work and a lot of stress especially with 2 toddlers.
We finally opened 2 weeks ago online and have to say i am SO HAPPY with the brands, products and website we have. I hope this gives you guys great collections all in one place. I have no warehouse, no coperate CEO or any other staff members (Hubby Helps) No experience and No fear. I wanted people to deal with a real small business and directly with me.
Every single day I search for new brands, small or large business, and things that not only are made to last, but can be passed down through generations. Value for money isn't just the here and now, but how long things last. From time to time I will give you updates on new products, announcements from our brands and offers.
I feel it's nice to give back to people who support small business. Whether this be monthly competitions, exclusive offers or general great customer service.